I'm having the same issues on a new phone I had on a DEFY XT

I have been on Republic since the beta program using my Motorola Defy XT and always have the same problems. This year I purchased the Galaxy S7 for my mom and she has the same trouble I have ! You can NOT trust Republic for Solid Phone Service ! on WIFI I visited her to check her phone…So I made a WIFI call from my phone to hers and it FAILED !! And I tried hers to call me and it FAILED After 3 reboots of her phone I finally got it to work. So for emergency have another prepaid cell phone !

The only reason I put up with them is the price I know longer recommend them to the elderly !!!

Hi @rickt,

I moved your post to its own topic since it was not related to the Wi-Fi/Data use topic you initially posted in.

Please let us know if you’d like troubleshooting assistance, or if this was meant as feedback and warning, only.


If you could provide any details on the problems you are both encountering many users in the community would be more than willing to help you access the problem and see what can be done. Many of us have had the Defy XT and have moved up to many of the newer phones … so there is broad experience in the WiFi arena.
If you could identify the following (for each you and your mom it would give a good place for us to start)

  • Router (make & model + version if possible)
  • Phone … (which one made the call & which one was on the failing receiving end)
  • Any indicators or messages received at the time of failure
  • Have either of you ever made WiFi calls from an open WiFi such as McD or Starbucks?

Ben (and some might classify me in the ‘elderly’ category ):wink:

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