I'm having trouble receiving emails sent via SMS


I’ve read several different posts about this on the site and don’t know if I’m not getting the messages because of a configuration error on my part or if there is a problem elsewhere. I’ll try to list the pertinent information.

  1. I am using the default messaging app installed on my phone that I ordered from Republic Wireless (Moto G5+).

  2. The phone is using Sprint as the carrier, not T-Mobile.

  3. I turned on “allow SMS messages from email” in the Republic Wireless app.

  4. In Settings -> Data Usage, Data Saver is turned off. Cellular Data is turned on. I think I had also tried it with Data Saver turned on.

  5. In Settings->Data Usage->Cellular Network Settings, data roaming is turned on.

When sending a message to @text.republicwireless.com, I did receive it when the message was sent from my gmail account, but not my outlook.com account or my wife’s work email (which I think uses the Office 360 suite). A friend does receive messages sent to him via SMS from my Outlook.com account - he has Verizon as his provider.

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You didn’t say if you have tried sending the email as plain text. Have you?

The Republic system is very picky and email that is sent with any formatting or in other than plain text, usually fails. Office365 seems to default to HTML for email, and that may be the cause of the failure. In Outlook, click the “Format Text” option in the menu bar and then select “Plain Text”, you’ll likely find that the message comes through.

I’m sorry I didn’t mention it. I did switch the format to plain text when I sent the message from outlook.com.

If you haven’t opened a support ticket, I would do so.

It may be that Republic will have to allocate some engineering resources to fix this issue. If so, I wouldn’t expect this to be a quick fix. So if this is a must have feature, you may have to move to a different carrier.

Thank you for the replies. I’ll create a ticket like you suggested. Thanks!

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