I'm in a WiFi area and yet the WiFi keeps dropping and picks up LTE which will draw down my limited usage. Why does this happen and how do I fix it?

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I ran into this when I was testing the G4+ and opened a service ticket. I reported the problem here:

Unfortunately my 14-day trial period was up before the matter was resolved. I’ve seen others with the G4 and/or the G4+ reporting this in the Community. I had a similar problem with my S7 but in that case I isolated it to interference caused by my inductive charging stand. Since I quit using that the S7 has been solid.

I recommend you open a service ticket on this.

Edit: here is another post on this:

moto g4 disconnects from wifi

Here is one where the OP found a fix. You might try this:

any update to this? I am having the same issue. I have tablets and laptops and other phones in the house that intermittently lose WiFi and use my data causing me to use all the data in my plan within the first week of the month. the other devices do not lose connection. when I see that I am on data I pull up wifi and it shows it is reconnecting by this point u have already used data and I don’t feel getting my money’s worth. this is at my home on a dual band router all other devices are also connected to and they do not have an issue except the 2 moto x2 we have through republic. firmware is up to date on router. .all updates performed on both phones. nothing in the house to disrupt service since the other devices side by side do not lose connection like the x2 does. what gives? any fixes? handset issue?

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I am experiencing the same phenomena on my g5 plus. Sooooooo frustrating and I’ve been such a happy republic wireless user. Now I’m burning thru data like mad.


Since this an old topic it’s recommended to open a new topic/question.

Please let us know if this is only on your home WiFi or when using other networks as well. If just at home have you made any provider or modem/router changes recently. Thanks.



@PlaneTherapist is absolutely correct @calvins.

If you are unsure how to start a thread or ticket, just respond here, we will help. :relaxed:

I can see from your profile that this is a new sort of help resource, (to you?)… give it a chance, you might be surprised.

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