I'm lost with the compatibility of a phone I want


I want to buy a Galaxy S7, but not sure if it’s compatible or not. Republic Wireless states to make sure that its North America, Unlocked, and GSM. I thought that RW uses Sprint’s network as backup, but Sprint operates a CDMA network. It’s confusing.

So I made sure that the phone I want (Galaxy S7) meets the requirements set by RW and is the correct model, but the product description says that it will not work with Sprint or Verizon networks. Can anyone help clarify what I’m missing?



That’s not the right model. The only model that works with Republic is the factory unlocked model that works with all 4 of the major carriers.

Take a look at the info here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone


Well that explains it. Thanks for the super quick reply. You’re awesome!


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