I'm not off to a good start with RW

I’ve been an RW customer for a month now, and so far it’s been a major disappointment.

For starters, my cell coverage at home is not very good at all, despite RW’s coverage map appearing otherwise. However, I was willing to be patient about that issue, as I live in a very rural area and figured maybe they can switch me from GSM to CDMA and see if that makes a difference.

Then, 2 weeks into my new service with RW, I realized in the middle of a work trip that I am no longer recieving text messages. For a little context, I was in a Chicago airport when my phone stopped receiving texts. Over the past week, I have been in a variety of envionments: urban, rural, roaming, not roaming, on various wifi connections and celluar towers.

It’s been frustrating enough to not recieve text messages for the last 2 weeks and a half, but I was not expecting to be this disappointed with the customer support; since opening a help ticket, I’ve recieved lackluster responses every couple or few days with no real updates on what to expect or when I might recieve texts again. Emails from the RW Help Team contain (what seem like to me) generic comments and suggestions, not specific to my problem, which makes me feel as if they’re not really reading my responses. On top of that, they’ve asked twice for phone numbers and service providers of those I’m not recieving texts from. So, they expect me to call friends or employers, ask them to send me a test text message and ask who their service provider is?

I’m mostly concerned about any work or family related texts that I may not be getting. I’ve had to call or email people and tell them I’m not recieving texts right now, and they say “You gotta get that fixed.” So, its now 2 weeks later, and RW has told me they are sending a CDMA simcard. So I guess we’ll see if this helps.

Maybe it will help, and maybe I’ll never have this issue with RW again, but its not a good start. I’ve been very tempted to just switch over to one of the big 4.

Also, I never do this (online reviewing thing). But I just needed to vent somewhere. This is my first step into the smartphone world. I’ve been researching providers for the last several months and decided to jump from my 10-year AT&T prepaid phone plan to RW and wasn’t expecting to have this experience.

For starters:

  • Which phone are you having problems with?
  • Which of the 2 supported messaging systems are you using? :anywhere: RW Anywhere or :messages: Android Messages
  • What is the zip code of where you live?
    • Some of us don’t put a lot of stock in any of the carriers coverage maps as they are based on engineering design, not real life, I prefer RootMetrics

I’m using a Moto E4, and have switched back and forth between Messages and Anywhere.

I’m weirdly right on the edge of zipcode 40312 and 40380; my shipping address is 40312… but, if you look on a map, my home is actually in 40380.

Again, I’ve been in a lot of different zip codes over the past weeks, and haven’t recieved text messages in any of them.

Can you make sure that your firmware is up to date? Motorola fixed issues with SIM card and cellular access on the Moto E4 in their last update.

Well, when was the last update / how can I check? I forgot to mention that my phone also stopped getting service a few days after I recieved it; I was advised to do the update, which I did. That was a few weeks ago.

There was a System update for the Moto E4 just yesterday that popped up on my mothers phone.

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Was this an OS update or the recently announced RW App update?

Moto System update. (Security Update I think it said)
Her phone got the R.W app update the day before.

Yes, I’ve done both of these updates.

Hi @TSC,

I’m sorry to read that we’ve not met your expectations to date. I see that our support team has been working to solve the issues you’re experiencing, even escalating the ticket to our engineering team for a back-end process that definitely was called for given the symptoms you’ve described. Unfortunately, sometimes troubleshooting is a trial and error process.

Can you tell us what the build number is currently on your phone? How to Locate the Phone's Build Number – Republic Help

This is the E4 update issue @seanr was referring to:


My phone build number is NPQS26.69-64-5

That’s fully updated so that’s not the issue.

As of yesterday, I seem to be recieving text messages again. This is before switching to the CDMA simcard (which arrived today; I have not installed it yet).

So, no text messages for 2 weeks. I just wonder if I will get any kind of explanation or reassurance that this won’t happen again. I also wonder if there is going to be anyway to recover all those missing text messages that I have no idea about.

A thought. Do you see any evidence of the referenced text messages when signed into your Republic account here: https://republicwireless.com/account/phones/cdrs. If you see evidence of them then we know they reached Republic but not your phone. If there’s no evidence of them, they never reached Republic to begin with.

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And if they did reach Republic you can likely retrieve them by installing and syncing Republic Anywhere which should bring down the last 30 days.

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I was checking the message history in my account portal all through last week to see if messages would show up, and none of them ever did; messages that friends’ said they had sent but I didn’t recieve.

But when I checked the portal yesterday, there were a bunch of incoming texts listed from random phone numbers I didn’t recognize all through the week; I assume this has something to do with RW or the engineers trying to solve the problem? Anyway, when I checked the portal again just now, those recieved messages and numbers aren’t listed anymore. But it does show an outgoing message to a friend’s number that I know I did not send. The message is not in my phone, and she says she didnt recieve anything.


Was your previous phone an iPhone by any chance and are the people who you’ve missed texts from using iPhones? IIRC there have been issues (not RW specific) with the way Apple handles text messages via iMessages which can cause problems when you port your number to a non-iPhone device. I think in some cases the messages attempt to deliver via iMessages and don’t get converted into SMS.

Something like this could be going on given that the RW portal doesn’t show the missing messages.


No, its not an iPhone related issue. I have not owned one.

CDMA is giving me better overage at home (roaming and 3G), and do seem to be receiving texts again, but I have yet to receive any explanation. Hopefully it doesnt happen again.

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I am a RW user since 2013 and I have not had the best of luck with RW but I am still here. Why? Because in the long run RW will do what is right for the customer. There are amazing people in the community to assist, ideally the tech support could be a little quicker but it is what it is and usually, issues get resolved here in the forum as you are getting help and suggestions from hundreds of like users.
Hang in there. Hopefully all your issues will be resolved.

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