I'm ordering a new phone, can I keep my old number?

I need to order a new phone.

Mine is dying (Moto X)

When I order the new phone can I keep the old phone number.

I went to order the new phone and nothing was send about that.

It looks like your going to add it to my bill and give me a new number.

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The process has changed. The option to replace a current line is now done during activating the new phone and not in the ordering process.

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Please review this document

Activate My Phone

In the activation flow as noted half-way through the document under the section

“Republic and Cellular Activation” - follow the circled link to replace your existing service line with the new phone.

Sure, you can keep your old number. When you activate the new phone you will see an option to move the number from your old phone. When you take that option the number moves instantaneously and the old phone is deactivated.

Activate My Phone

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