I'm reluctantly leaving Republic Wireless because I have a dual sim phone

I’m surprised to learn that my republic wireless sim will not work in any dual sim phones. I recently decided I wanted a dual sim phone to use on vacation trips to Europe with a local sim also with the phone. I bought a “Moto G7 power” phone with dual sims because I liked my wife’s new Moto G7 power. I want to use the cell phone in Europe for GPS mapping use when driving. I don’t want to carry a Garmin, when I can use my phone that is one less thing to carry. I no longer carry a camera for the same reason.

I have used my RW phone many times while in Europe using local wireless networks with great success to call and text home.

When my new phone arrived I installed the RW sim and booted up the phone to a message saying that RW sims are not supported in dual sim phones. I tested both a T-Mobile sim and an ATT sim at local stores, and found they work fine. I decided to take the risk of buying a Walmart Family Mobile sim to see if that works. It was difficult to setup the data but it works.

I’m really disappointed that I can’t continue using RW with this dual sim phone and I still feel that RW is the correct service for me and my family, but I want to carry only one device.

Sorry that the dual sim phone is not compatible. The reason is Republic Wireless uses a hybrid calling system. This is only compatible with select North American factory unlocked phones, not international phones. In particular with Motorola phones, only certain software channels are compatible. Reference what it says on the supported phone list Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

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I understand and appreciate you detailed reply. I’m disappointed, non the less, and wish that Motorola sold this model in the USA as a retail device.

I love RW’s service and will miss it.

Thank you for the detailed explanation.


You’re very welcome!

Typically, one would just get a local SIM in the destination country to use in their North American Factory Unlocked phone should they want local calling and cell data signal usage.
This does require removing the RW SIM.
But all current model phones supported and sold by RW support this.
It does get a bit inconvenient if you want to use RW service via wifi to call the USA, as u then have to swap SIMs.

As far GPS mapping, Maps and the GPS can work with no data signal at all. This is possible both for the typical real time driving directions (like a Garmin or TomTom) or GPS trail mapping (the path u take while hiking in the woods etc). One would just need to, while on wifi, download the maps for offline use. It is very east to do in Google Maps and u can download very large areas of a few hundred miles at least and multiple maps.

The page here may be insightful:

Also, one thing to note about those dual sim “International” model phones, many of them do not fully support ALL the LTE bands the USA major carriers use, so, you may end up with worse or no coverage in areas where North American phones would work fine.

Hi @bilzfan,

I’m sorry to see that your first post in our Community is your farewell post. :crying_cat_face:

We recognize the interest our members have in exactly what you’ve described: carrying a single phone to replace multiple devices, and doing so internationally. As you’ve been told, our current state is that we support only North American factory unlocked phones, not the international, dual-sim versions. However, please know that our engineers are constantly working toward improving the options we can provide our members. I’m not sure what kind of terms you have with your new Walmart Family Mobile service, but if you’re not locked in throughout all eternity, I hope you’ll keep an eye on our Community (particularly our #news section) for any announcements that might bring you back in the future. We’re sorry to see you go, and I sincerely hope that if circumstances allow you to come back one day, you’ll post in Community again so we can warmly welcome you back!

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