I'm traveling abroad. I have a Moto G4. Looking for advice


I have a Moto G4 with a GSM SIM and have MyChoice +1GB service.
I will be traveling to Europe and would like to be able to at least text, but optimally, to make calls in Europe. Can I text in Europe with my current SIM card or would I need to insert a European one? And if so, can they be purchased here in the States?


Hi @helenw.dsrvdd and welcome to the Republic Community!

Here is an excellent post from @rolandh that can answer many of your questions :slight_smile:


Hi @helenw.dsrvdd,

I hope you find the article I wrote helpful, however, it may not address one of your specific questions. It is possible to purchase a SIM that will work in Europe in the U.S., however, generally it’s better to do so when you arrive. You’l find local SIMs to be readily available upon arrival at the airport.

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Thank you Super T for this thorough discussion by @rolandh!

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Thank you rohandh for that info. I didn’t think to clarify…

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