I'm trying to get a moto x 2nd gen to 'mount USB 'on-the-go' storage

i’m trying to get a moto x 2nd gen to 'mount USB ‘on-the-go’ storage … the phone will not open the storage device though it knows that the disk is mounted.

assist please :slight_smile:

Typically, you have to use a file explorer app to access the date. I like Es File Explorer in the link below.

ES File Explorer File Manager - Android Apps on Google Play

While the system is able to mount the on-the-go storage, Android doesn’t have a good way do browse and display the data. As coreyk has mentioned, a file browser app that is made to browse files on your phone can help with the task of viewing the storage device.

Personally, I’m using Solid Explorer File Manager - Android Apps on Google Play to help manage my files on my phone.

I am using a file manager and the disk does not appear.

The disk works on three PCs running Win7 and Win10.

Then there are a few possible scenarios.

  1. Your OTG cable that you are using is defective

  2. The phone is the root cause of the issue

  3. The flash drive isn’t working, but it sounds like you eliminated this one with testing in a few PCs.

If I had to guess, the OTG cable is the underlying issue.

it is a doggle … and the doggle works … how i am connecting it to the windows devices and i’ve now gotten it to work with my Kindle Fire.

is anyone successful using OTG on a Moto X Gen 2?

Yes I have

I just plug it it and the phone recognizes it (Both in the setting storage below the internal storage and in Total Commander file manager)

What is the USB drive formatted to? It needs to be FAT32 before it will work. I got a SanDisk Dual drive awhile back and couldn’t get ES file manager to read it until I got it formatted properly. I used 2Tware Fat32Format - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download.com to get the drive formatted and its been fine since.

yep … it seem android is behind and doesnt read the exFAT file/disk structure. formatted the disk in FAT32 and now works. i don’t use large files (ie, movies) so the FAT32 filesize limitation will not be an issue.

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