I'm very positive on RW but I am leaving RW

I think RW has been a great ride for past many years. I have nothing against RW and I wish them well, but with my 1 year contract up this month, I’m trying the ATT prepaid for $15/mo. Why?

  1. I want to get an iPhone for the camera and the connection to a MBP. I don’t have an iPhone yet but I want to move that way. If I signed another year contact with RW, I’d have to wait in the dark to see if this were ever possible.
  2. It is slightly cheaper but with 2 GB instead of 1 GB.
  3. I like RW; I hate Motorola. They cheated me on the Moto Z with its terrible battery issues.
  4. I want to move away from Google, so a Pixel phone is not in mix.

Good wishes to RW!

Hi @rossd,

Your rationale is perfectly logical and well thought out. For what it’s worth, month to month service remains an option with Republic. Annual prepay is not required.

Ironically, I’m playing with AT&T’s $15 prepaid plan on my Republic activated Pixel 4 XL. The AT&T plan is using the the Pixel 4 XL’s eSIM, so effectively I have a dual SIM phone. Newer iPhones support eSIM as well. Anyway, my understanding is AT&T’s $15 pricing is promotional and temporary.

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