I'm waiting for a SIM card, no response to my ticket

I was told a new Sim card would be sent for both phones; can this still be done? I was awaiting these before our upcoming trip; is there no record of someone doing this???

I has no thing to do with outage; these are 2 new phones – It’s just the coverage is BAD; was going to get another type of SIM CARD!!!

I assume you have an open help ticket. If so, you should reply directly to the help ticket rather than posting personal information on this public forum. Instructions for replying to an existing ticket can be found at the link below:

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Hi @juliew.lr2z4j,

Have you had the opportunity to respond to your open ticket as suggested by @cbwahlstrom? You mention no response to your ticket. When was the ticket opened? Would you be willing to share the ticket number? Please don’t share any more information beyond that.

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Hi @juliew.lr2z4j,

Thanks for bringing your concern to our attention. I’ve reviewed your ticket and see that it had been pending your reply since Tuesday. I think you may have just lost track of how to get back to it.

I also see that there is some confusion in the ticket about what our team will be sending. I’ve asked them to move the conversation from a ticket to a call so they can get everything clarified with you.

If you’re not receiving replies from the Help team, please log in to view your ticket and read each response thoroughly at https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/requests/1760045.

Even though you may see this reply to you here by E-mail, please do not respond to it with personal information. This reply is from your public Community post, and any replies to it will be publicly visible on the internet.

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