Immediate Hang Up When Receiving a Call Over Wi-Fi

For several months I have had the issue described here: Why does my phone hang up when I swipe right to answer an incoming call on WiFi?

When receiving a call over Wi-Fi, the phone (Moto X2, Republic 2.0) hangs up when I try to answer, giving me a message of “No Response, Timed out.”

The linked post mentioned Bluetooth causing the issue and that does seem to be the case for me, as I use an Android Wear device (LG G Watch), so Bluetooth is always on for me.

After doing some more testing, I found that when I try to answer over Wi-Fi, my watch continues to ring until I get that “No Response…” message and the call is disconnected.

I finally figured out a workaround: **if I answer the call from my watch screen instead of from the phone, it seems to work fine. **

So I just wanted to post this workaround in case anyone else is frustrated with this. Strange thing is that none of this happens when receiving a Cell call. Thanks to @benjamins.xdbv9c for including so much detail in his post - I agree that it’s likely a GUI bug.


Great feedback @cliftonm.dhdg4a , thanks for sharing that…(I have no need for a smartwatch but I still want one).

Well now I’m not so sure. After a few more calls it’s pretty inconsistent whether I answer via the phone or via the watch interface. Still getting the immediate hang up after “No Response… Timed out” on a lot of my wi-fi calls received.

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