Important Security Update from Republic Wireless


I received an email to set up a security PIN for my account. The email was from [redacted]
Is this legit or is this a scam? Do I have to set up a security PIN for my account?


It is a legitimate email. You will eventually need to set up a PIN.


Hi @63639374-7604-4f4a-a

It is legit. I am going there right now to set a PIN.

It is a security thing for their customers benefit. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @63639374-7604-4f4a-a,

You are very wise to question any E-mail that asks you to click a link and then provide account credentials. If you ever feel such an E-mail is questionable, navigate to the website manually rather than clicking the link in the E-mail. From this forum, you can use the “Account” link at top, right (when viewed in a computer browser) then the “Account Settings” link in the drop-down, to sign into your Republic Wireless account. You’ll then find “PIN” as one of the menu items on the left.

Please do go ahead and set a PIN you will have no trouble remembering.

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