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My wife, recently, got a Samsung J3 and started with Republic.
Previously, she was with Tracfone and has version 4.4.2
We are having trouble getting her phone #s imported to the new phone.

The Tracfone is getting sync errors with Google but I stopped and restarted the sync.
Not sure how long that should take but it seems to take some time.
She has around 2 dozen phone #s in total in contacts.

Before I started trying to do this, the phone indicated the last sync was Jan.25

The Republic Help instructions didn’t do anything.

Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated


go to the accounts in settings and turn off sync on everything, then turn sync on, only contacts…
and see what happens…


Hi @larryf.91t4t7,

First, let’s figure out which phone we should be working on.

Using a computer, log into using the same Gmail credentials she uses on the Tracfone. Are all the contacts there?

If not, then we need to figure out how to help the Tracfone sync. Maybe some of her contacts are not Google Contacts - they might be syncing from other apps like Facebook or another E-mail provider.

If they are all there, there we need to figure out how to help the new J3 sync. Sometimes with new phones there’s so much going on in the background as apps are updated and accounts are synced, that it’s just a matter of waiting.

If all else fails, you could export contacts, share them from one phone to the other by Bluetooth, and then import them into that address book. We will need to know exactly what make and model Tracfone she has if you need step-by-step directions.


Thanks to both.
Went to and only her email addresses are there and on the Samsung…
No phone #s.
All her email addresses have synced to the Samsung
She has an Alcatel A460G.

It’s an adventure trying to find where to go on these phones.

(I’m a techno-dunce)


Ok, so we know the Alcatel is the one not syncing to her Google account. First let’s see if we can fix that, if not, we’ll try moving the contacts manually.

If you’re getting syncing errors with Google on the Alcatel, you’ll want to make sure that the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and Chrome can open a website you’ve never visited before.

Then let’s remove and re-add the Google account to the Alcatel phone.

To remove it, follow these steps from the Alcatel’s user’s manual:

You can remove an account to delete it and all associated information from
the phone. Open the Settings screen, select the account you want to delete,
touch Remove account, then confirm.

Then add it back with these steps:

To add an account, touch from the Home screen and enter Settings,
then touch Add account.
You are required to select the kind of account you are adding, like Google,
Corporate, etc.
As with other account set-ups, you need to enter detailed information, like
username, password, etc.

Once you’ve done that, it will probably start syncing things automatically but if it doesn’t, the instructions to sync say:

Turn on/off the sync & Auto-sync
Touch an account to enter the account screen, mark/unmark the
checkbox(s) to turn on/off the account’s auto-sync. When activated,
all changes to information on the phone or online will be automatically
synchronized to each other.
Sync manually
You can also synchronize an account manually on Accounts screen, touch
an account in the list, then touch the Menu key and select Sync now.

If that doesn’t pull the contact info into, you can export the contacts from the Alcatel and either save them to an SD card that you’d then transfer to the new phone and import the contacts from, or send them to the new phone over Bluetooth.

This is what the manual says for exporting, but I’d look for a “select all” option, if I had the phone in my hands…

From the Contacts screen, touch the Menu key to open the options menu,
then touch Import/export.
You can share a single contact or contacts with others by sending the
contact’s vCard to them via Bluetooth, Gmail, etc.
Touch the contact you want to share, touch the Menu key and Share from
the contact details screen, then select the application to perform this action.

Instructions to pair the phone to other phones so you can share over Bluetooth are below:

To pair/connect your phone with a Bluetooth device
To exchange data with another device, you need to turn Bluetooth on
and pair your phone with the Bluetooth device with which you want to
exchange data.
• Touch the Menu key from the Home screen.
• Touch Settings\Bluetooth.
• Touch a Bluetooth device you want to be paired with in the list.
• A dialog will popup, touch Pair to confirm.
• If the pairing is successful, your phone connects to the device

Of course, you’ll also have to have the new phone’s Bluetooth on and discoverable so they can pair.
Instructions to use Bluetooth on the J3 are here:

Let us know if any of it gets too tricky!


Thanks, southpaw.

It’s taking a long time signing into the “new” account


Thanks for all the help.
We gave up on trying to sync and my wife will manually input her phone #s.
She only has 20 and I’ve put way more time into trying than it will take for her to put them in manually


If it’s any help - she should find it easier to enter them on the computer and let them sync to the phone, than adding them from the phone!

Sounds like your wife has a lot more common sense than I do. I would have stayed up all night trying to make it work!


anther option would be to use an app to back up and then restore the contacts

I had good luck with this one on a phone for someone who refused to have any information sync up to google

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She had more sense than me, southpaw.
She tried to get me to do it and fool around for a few hours.

If she had 100s of numbers then I may have stuck with it…

Thanks for that tip, drm186.

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