Impossible to transfer number because Republic not a REAL cell provider

Has anyone else run into the problem that you can NOT ‘port’ your number "because Republic isn’t a REAL cell provider?

Hi @debraw.axxxft - Because of the unique nature of our service, Republic Wireless numbers are viewed as Wireline numbers. If a carrier is not allowing you to transfer your Republic Wireless number to their service, it is a limitation of that service. A frequent carrier we see this with is Cricket - You can read more in this document: Why Can't My Republic Wireless Telephone Number Transfer to Cricket? – Republic Help

Most carriers will accept port requests for wireline numbers, though, so you should have no problems with transferring your number to any of those other services. That said, if there is anything we can do to assist you with your Republic service so that you don’t have to transfer your number to a different carrier, please do let us know!

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I just can’t stand my phone. I’ve had no real beef with Republic, per se. But the phones are either too expensive or they stink. I am on social security. I can’t AFFORD $600 for a DECENT phone. But, MetroPCS won’t port my number because they say that Republic isn’t a REAL cell provider. I came to Republic because I couldn’t AFFORD Sprint, etc. Now, I can either do without a cell phone or fight this ■■■■ every day. Not YOUR fault that Motorola makes terrible equipment. But I am so frustrated I could scream. I CAN afford the LG phone that is offered by MetroPCS, but they won’t port my number. They say it is impossible. All I want is a reliable phone that takes decent photos. And apparently, Republic doesn’t offer that for under $600.

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Would you mind telling us what is going on with your current phone?

Here is a link to a tutorial by a fellow Ambassador (we’re just customers like you) that can guide you through porting your number away from Republic if that is your choice

The phone has to be shut down and restarted 5-8 times PER DAY, just to function. I get error messages that the ‘signal is somehow blocked… only voice calls available’. I shut down and restart and that usually fixes that. I try to send text messages and get error message that it didn’t send, try again. After several tries, I generally shut down and restart and the message will go through then. But I spend more time restarting the phone than I do actually USING it. Not to mention the screen just going dark right in the middle of things. No reason it should, and sometimes I can get it back, sometimes not. Usually, I have to shut down and restart - again.

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I don’t know which providers WILL accept Republic for porting a number, but MetroPCS sure won’t. I can’t afford to go back to Sprint. I am on social security and the $100 mo phone bill (with all of the fees, taxes, etc, the $79 cheapest plan comes out to $100) that I had with Sprint is out of the question. That was why I went with Republic. I just didn’t know the Motorola phones were garbage before I bought them.

Is the error from Republic? Have you tried to send calls when the error is on the screen or do you just automatically reboot? Additionally, what texting app are you using?

The error is on the phone screen. Since my carrier is Republic, I’m assuming it is a Republic error or a Motorola error.

It sounds like a message that the Republic app gives. I get it sometimes. However, it is just monitoring connection to Republic’s server. That doesn’t actually mean that you won’t be able to send calls or texts. Does this happen on Wi-Fi, cellular, or both?

I just use the native text app. Other than call blocker for the scammer/spammers, I don’t HAVE a lot of apps on my phone. I won’t even use the Gmail contacts app because it wants permission to make phone calls! REALLY? Why would an app need to make calls on my phone? I don’t like the loss of privacy that all of the apps entail.

The error happens on wifi/cell, wifi only and cell only. I’ve tried to send texts and so forth when that error came up and forget it. You MIGHT be able to make a cell call - if you don’t mind waiting 2-3 minutes for it to start ringing through.

Ok. I would recommend using the Republic Anywhere texting app. It has solved a lot of texting issues users were reporting. I would also recommend updating the Republic app if it isn’t up to date. How is coverage in your area?

Coverage is fine - in the middle of Sprint heaven, here. The republic app requires updating every other week and is a pain in the posterior. Especially since more problems pop up with every update.

Is the republic anywhere app the one that comes on the phone?

No. You can download the Anywhere app in the Play store. Could I have your zip code so I can check coverage? Do you for sure that you have Sprint and not T-Mobile coverage on your device? Additionally, has you home Wi-Fi ever been unstable (i.e. jams up or stops working every once in a while)?

The quality of people that work at various MetroPCS locations varies highly because in many locations they are actually employees of the store they’re set-up in and not really MetroPCS employees. I mention this because porting to MetroPCS is entirely possible. I’ve done it myself. I sure hope the community can solve this for you, but if they can’t you should look for another MetroPCS employee that actually knows what they’re talking about and will get it done for you.

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I’ve gotten the same spiel at 2 different MetroPCS stores in 2 different cities. I don’t know.

Zip is 22911. As far as I know, it is Sprint. My home WiFi seems to be fine as far as anything Comcast CAN be.

Hi @debraw.axxxft,

I’m distressed to hear of your experience and as is often the case, I see my fellow customers are doing their best to help. For that assistance to be most effective, we need to know if you prefer to spend time troubleshooting the experience with your Republic phone or whether you simply want to move on. Please let us know on that.

I wrote the tutorial referenced here regarding transferring a Republic number to a service provider that won’t accept landlines (and that’s how Republic numbers are classified). To the best of my knowledge, MetroPCS isn’t one of those providers. MetroPCS’ parent company T-Mobile transfers landlines everyday reasonably effectively. Likely, if you went back to MetroPCS explained that to them and insisted on talking to someone there experienced with number transfers (many front-line sales reps are not), they would be able to sort things for you.

Meanwhile, I’d suggest temporarily removing the call blocking app to see if some of the experience goes away. Doing so may not solve all of the problems, so let us know if you’d like to address them one at a time.


I’m just sick of fighting this phone all the time. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve had this phone number for about 20 years. I really don’t want a different one. I cannot afford a new phone for Republic. I just don’t have the money. And $600 for a phone that is expected to be replaced every 2 years and has zero ‘warranty’ is insane. I truly don’t know.

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