Imposters using my caller ID to do telemarketing



Motorola G4. $20/month, 1GB/month

Issue Description

Telemarketers are using all of my family’s cell numbers in a sort of “spoofing” way to call others.
We get the blowback when the victims call us.
Also, e have noticed that the DONOTCALL.GOV does not work anymore.



There not much you can do other that report them to the FCC as they are not using your phone to do this


There is a 50% chance they are spoofing your underlying carrier number. You can open a service ticket and ask RW to change it. Not a sure thing but worth a try.


Hi @kennethd.tdm,

Sadly, as a practical matter, it’s not easy to deal with Caller ID spoofing. It’s pretty easy to do if one knows how.

I would suggest raising a ticket with Republic staff. They may, in turn, be able to address it with their carrier partner. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help. Republic’s carrier partner has a fraud & security team that deals with these issues.


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