In a car people constantly tell me my phone is breaking up

What phone do you have? Moto G5+

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes

Issue Description

It is possible you’re driving through an area where coverage isn’t very good. Usually coverage is good along highway corridors, but back roads are a different matter.

If you open the Republic Wireless app
Tap on the Gear icon in the upper left corner
Tap on About
For SIM type what does it say?

Sim type GSM

Does your car have Wi-Fi to which you connect your phone? Mine does. Sometimes it’s not of high enough quality to support a phone call or high quality streaming audio.

Are you using the car’s Bluetooth system? Sometimes they can be finicky. You can contact a car dealership and see if an update is available.

I do not have WiFi in my car and this happens in all cars.

In that case, it’s most likely a coverage issue. The coverage map for the GSM SIM can be found at:

Zoom in on the areas you frequent, and see what kind of coverage you can expect with the GSM SIM. If coverage appears poor, open a help ticket and have Republic Wireless evaluate whether you would be a better candidate for a CDMA SIM.

I checked my address in Raleigh NC and says coverage is fair.

It’s possible you’re on Edge and this will at times cause signal breakup. You can check using this app:

This works and root is not necessary.


If you want to investigate further, you can use one or both apps. Go to an area where people said the call was breaking up and see how the app/apps register the network. Do this safely or with another person if there is nowhere to pull over safely to use your phone.

Other than opening a ticket and seeing if a CDMA sim will improve your coverage, you can reset the networks to see if it improves. This will delete all saved WiFi and Bluetooth networks and their passwords.

If you’re on Android 7:

If you’re on Android 8:

In my house on Network Cell Info I’m getting a - 116 reading.

On LTE Discovery a - 120.0 dBm GSM: N/A

Here’s how Republic’s GSM partner describes fair coverage:

Cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors.

In my experience indoors includes a moving vehicle. I second @cbwahlstrom’s suggestion that you may wish to open a ticket and ask Republic to evaluate whether CDMA coverage would provide a better experience for you.,


I agree with @rolandh you would probably do better on a CDMA SIM. You can request one when you open a ticket.

I pretty much get the same readings on my phone on GSM too.

I’ll open a ticket.

Thanks everyone and a Happy New Year to all of you.


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