In Europe - calls sometimes attempt to go out cellular but no service - so drops

I’m in Armenia for 4 months
1> calls to USA sometimes attempt to go out cellular - which will NEVER work
2> when calls to USA are completed via wifi, they drop just after 6 minutes (at best)

How do I FORCE it to ALWAYS call via wifi
I have NO CONTROL over the router etc - I’m in a hotel/hostel/etc
((this is a Moto G power 2021 with new SIM -have previously used an older(orig?) Moto with no problems))

Turn on airplane mode. When you do this Wi-Fi will be disabled, but all you have to do is turn Wi-Fi back on. In this way the phone will never attempt to use the cellular radio for calls or anything else.


This will also save battery, as the phone won’t always be scanning for the cellular signal.
Note: However due to Google/Android restrictions the Status will not be updated to indicate ‘On WiFi’ and will continue to show Airplane Mode Not connected to cellular network


sounds reasonable, thanks - will give that a try - hope that also
stops it dropping calls after 6 minutes

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It’s all good then - I just finished a 23 minute call back to Texas -
no problems at all - thanks for the quick response with a real


You may have been on CDMA (not used in Europe) and the newer phone (unless you got a CDMA SIM from Republic would be GSM, and maybe with T-Mobile presence in Europe that would account for the attempts on cell. Glad it’s all working out for you!

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