In January I purchased a phone & plan from Republic Wireless.  I transferred my number from my old phone to the new phone.  The problem I am having is that when I call or text people the number that was given to my Republic Wireless phone appears instead

How do I get my transferred number to appear on my calls and texts instead of the number that came with my new phone???

THere are a couple of possibilities.

You can try a VOIP credential reset. Go to the dialer, enter ##8647## and it should clear off the screen, if it doesn’t, hit the “call” button. Then, restart the phone. Does this solve the issue?

If not, what phone are you using? If one of the Samsungs or the Huawei Ascent? and are you using the default messenger? If so, it won’t work right and you’ll need to switch to a different messaging client.

Thanks. that did it!


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