In need of help about warranty and how to use it

My phone broke, it won’t charge anymore. Do I have a warranty? I haven’t even had the phone for a year. How do I go about getting a new phone.

So sorry about your phone. What model and make is your phone?

Off the top I tell you that Samsung and Motorola have a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Is the phone physically broken from a fall or some other trauma? Warranty is not insurance and is meant to handle manufacturing defects.

What brand phone do you have? The phones have a manufacturer warranty and on some Republic’s support can manage the process for you or you can go to the manufacturer’s support to file a claim.

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Have you tried a different charging cord? The cords do fail over time, and a new/different cord may work since you specifically say your phone will not charge anymore.

I have a samsung galaxy s7 edge. I took it to the beach. I didn’t get the phone wet but a day or two later it was having a hard time charging and suddenly stopped all at once no matter what charger I tried.

Hi @camrent.35o6va!

Contact Samsung. However, I am not confident they will honor the warranty if it did, indeed, get damaged by the water. The phone is water resistant, not waterproof (that’s what they would probably say). .


Did you get a message from the sensors that it was wet? If you did not receive a sensor warning, Samsung may cover the warranty repair for the charging issue.

They will have you go through some troubleshooting steps. I suggest you backup the phone now before doing anything else. At some point you will need to do a factory rest.

You can use their website as @mb2x posted, OR you can use your Samsung+ app found in the Samsung app group in the app draw. You can also call them:

MON - FRI: 8AM - 12AM (EST)

SAT - SUN: 9AM - 11PM (EST)

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