In order to use Republic wireless I have to keep my WiFi on at all times. Doesn't that make my phone very susceptible to hacking?ge e


Keeping your WiFi on…only enables you the ability to connect to WiFi networks that you choose.

As a WiFi first Hybrid service provider…Republic relies on routing calls and data over WiFi whenever feasible…but

ONLY on the WiFi networks that you have manually saved to your phone. Leaving the WiFi on allows Republic to

automatically connect to one of these already saved WiFi networks when you are in the range.

It will not randomly connect to any public network without your permission.

Well, perhaps. In the case where you connect to open Wi-Fi with a common SSID like Linksys, I suppose a hacker could set up in common location and broadcast SSID Linksys and gain some information/control. Most people I know do leave their Wi-Fi turned on all the time, though. Regardless of whether or not they use Republic Wireless.

Hi @johnn.svbta1

Just wanted to clarify that you do not have to keep WiFi onIn order to use Republic wireless”, as the title of this thread suggests. It is a core fundamental however considering the nature of the service.

I can turn off WiFi and still use my phone to Talk, Text, and access cellular data if needed. At least on Sprints CDMA network.

Works equally well on GSM, presuming adequate coverage.

Thanks for your help.

My plan only provides data when connected to WiFi which I accept for the price. My first cell phone and have realized 8 GB internal memory only has big limits. Will have to upgrade at some point. Thanks for your help.

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