In search of replacement for Moto G3 on Refund Plan


I’m in search of a replacement phone (my current Moto G3 has been dropped on the floor one too many times!). I’m on the Republic Refund Plan, so the replacement must be one of the following phones that was previously used on/compatible with the RW network and has the app installed:

Moto E (1st Gen.) (XT1019)
Moto E (2nd Gen.) (XT1526)
Moto G (1st Gen.) (XT1031)
Moto G (3rd Gen.) (XT1548)
Moto X (1st Gen.) (XT1049)
Moto X (2nd Gen.) (XT1094)

I’ve tried Amazon/Ebay, but haven’t had any luck finding a compatible model. Since this is the RW community forum, I was hoping someone out there might have any info on where I could find a compatible model!


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These are all aging phones…and even if you locate one there will be limited lifetime that you might get out of such a phone. Have you considered moving to a newer phone on the My Choice plan?



I see a few up on ebay this morning

I trend to agree with @amitl as these phones are all over 3 years old (the Moto G3 was the last and it released in summer of 2015, and out of stock in the fall of 2016) so any phone will have questionable battery life left. I will also note that the 2G and 3G networks that these phones work on is at it’s end of life (Verizon shutting down CDMA at the end of this year and Sprint who Republic uses is on recorded of doing this sometime in 2022 and this could be moved up id the T-Mobile merger is approved later this year)



These phones are both becoming few and far between and sell at inflated prices based on the scarcity. In addition, everything that’s already been mentioned is true. For me, the biggest issue is that Apps are rapidly discontinuing support for Android 5.1 and many banking/financial apps already don’t work, and this situation will only continue to get worse.

I would strongly consider whether the (few?) dollars per month that you’d be saving are worth using 3+ year old hardware with a version of Android that is quickly losing App support and hasn’t been security patched in years.



Even Swappa has no RW phones currently being sold by others:

As time goes by, it is increasing hard to find the legacy phones being sold used and in a usable state. Wont be long before they are impossible to get.

I still have my mothers old Moto G1 that she wants to keep as a backup phone, but at one point, i saw some listings for that model of near $200. You can buy a brand new current active model, much newer hardware, for half that.

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I see plenty of used Republic Wireless phones on eBay.

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only about 12 in usable shape there…that are not damaged,parts only, or bad ESN.
and they all would have worn batteries.
you can no longer buy “new” batteries for those models.
They are only old new stock if such, and batteries manufactured years ago, still have a shelf life. SO they will still have poor performance.


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