In sleep mode, can phone ring for certain numbers?

I have Moto G on Android 5.1

Is there a way to let the phone ring for just a couple of numbers (my kids) when the phone is in sleep mode?

In other words, a way to bypass sleep mode for a couple of numbers?


the Moto App sleep function as a option to let Priority interruptions (started contacts calls)

the same can be done in the setting downtime ((android base version of the feature

Open the Moto App and go to the Assist, tap the sleeping, under the keep quite check the “only allow priority interruptions”

in setting-> Sounds & Notifications-> interruptions -> under downtime the Interruptions allow should be set to “Priority Allow”

then go in to you contact app and open the contact you want to ring though and tap the hollow star to fill it up (making it a stared contact) repeat for all you want to ring though

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