Inbound ATA availability

I know that some people had issues activating or deactivating which required a reboot of the ATA to remedy. Any change made to the ATA requires a reboot to finalize. I suspect some of the people with this issue may be more susceptible to this than others. I think this because I see the same people report manual rebooting each time.

Basically, our server sends a request to the ATA to force it to reboot. Either the ATA is not getting that request OR the ATA thinks the phone is off-hook which will pause the reboot until the phone goes back on-hook. Not sure which is happening

If you are one of the people who had to manually reboot the ATA, please do me a favor and let your ATA sit overnight and then try to call it. Let me know if it rings. I want to see if your ATA times out. Others can test this too as a control.

@seanr - think I’m one of the people who have had to manually the reboot the ATA. Have not noticed anything that seems to indicate a timeout issue (overnight) but will leave both the cell phone and ATA sit overnight. I will then try to call ATA with outside landline and see if it rings. Can also just try calling ATA using cell phone. Doubt that cell phone has anything to do with this but it might give two data points. Do you think it matters what device is used to call ATA?

The way we send the reboot command is the same way we send a call so if one is blocked so could the other.

@seanr - here’s a summary of my findings this morning.

  1. Let cell phone and ATA sit overnight. Cell phone was not on charger so WiFi should have turned off.

NOTE: Using a Moto G6 and it seems a little aggressive on turning off WiFi. This gave me a chance to see how/if WiFi doze might be impacting the first call of the day too. Nothing to do with your question.

  1. Lights on top of ATA and network lights on back were all normal. Light on router port looked normal too.

  2. Called cell phone number linked to ATA with outside landline (non-RW).

  3. Both cell phone rang and ATA rang properly.

What I would call normal operation. Hope it helps!

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