Inbound calls come in on Cell instead of wifi


I have a new moto X4 with talk, text and data.

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My cell service is not very good at home so I usually rely on wifi for phone calls. My wifi is very good but many incoming calls come in on the cell network. Frequently I notice that the green republic logo is outline only not solid color. I don’t recall the details but remember reading about that. Is there a setting I should set that I am missing? Thanks!


this is mostly likely due to the Doze feature


Thanks! I installed the app and set up a macro as shown by your example. I even gave it the same name.
Question - What does the outline logo (noodle?) vs solid color mean?
Thanks again!


The reference that @drm186 provided will get you to a very long discussion. @billg has written another take on the subject in Doze Detect & Recovery and the latest iteration of ‘fixes’ that Bill & I have tested is defined at the comment that the link will take you to (it provides instructions on downloading the template from MD)
Some phones appear to change the frequency/time between doze and the original may miss them

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Is there anything more that the community can try to help you with?


Keeping the phone from going into doze mode by using Macrodroid has seemed to help. I tried to read the topic by billg about doze detect and recovery but a message came up that I wasn’t authorized to read that topic. I love my new phone but there has been a few details to work through and get used to. Thanks all for your help!


Glad you were able to get some relief from the Doze

  • Which link didn’t work for you? Post back and we can see what may be the cause (others may benefit from finding the How-To)


This link from @billg you referenced it in a previous response.


Were you logged in to the Forum?


The link you’ve provided is to a conversation in a private space of Community, @jben, and does not include any content by @billg. Perhaps this is the shorter conversation you meant to reference?

Do we need to move this shorter one to the #tips category?


Thanks … Let me clean it up and improve the find/load template portion and author a new Tips & Tricks

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