Inbound cellular calls go straight to voice mail new moto g6

What phone do you have? moto g6

What plan are you on? cell plus 1 GB data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

inbound cellular calls go straight to voice mail. I have tried to turn wifi off and call the moto g6 it goes straight to voice mail. I have tried to call out with wifi off and that works. I have tried turning wifi on and both inbound and outbound calls work. Only inbound cellular calls to go to voice mail. I have tried in multiple locations and same effect.

THis may pertain to you:

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  • Doze only affects WiFi inbound (as it shuts off the WiFi when it kicks in after the ~60 min delay) … the problem appears to only on inbound Cell (if I read it right)
    • The “Only inbound cellular calls to go to the phone just the voice mail” was interpreted by me to mean Only inbound cellular calls to go to the voice mail.
      @jeremymbarr please clarify


go over to settings / more / cellular network settings / perferred network type

and change it to 3g

turning off wifi so it will come in on cell

and try calling the phone to see if it will ring now

if it rings every time then it a signal problem between the tower and the phone…

you can change it back to lte later…

I dought this is the issue since the issue is not spotty cell service my samsung s9 works with wifi off just fine and my sons g6 works fine also. Jben yes this is a new phone I have refreshed the activation multiple times and factory reset the phone twice to no avail. Incoming cellular calls do not reach the phone they go straight to voice mail no ringing on the phones making the call just immediate voice mail. If wifi is turned on and connected the g6 works fine

Are all the phones on the same carrier?
RW App/ Settings/About SIM Type last entry in the phone Info section

  • Considering the info you have gathered, the refresh and multiple Factory Resets, I would suggest you Open a Ticket and let Republic take a look with you

I have opened a ticket on her account so far it has gotten the same reply as here refresh reset, no luck with those. Here is something new I called her while her wifi was turned on and while we were connected I turned her wifi off, when I did that I could still here my self in her phone but could not respond from her phone.

Oh and yes we are a republic wireless family two moto g6s a moto z play moto x pure and galaxy s9plus

I have tried your suggestion and it still went straight to voicemail when wifi was turned off

This would be key information to add to your Ticket, as it would appear that there is a one way audio path up, when the WiFi went away.

double check

there are also reports of the following

  1. the carrier has set your timer to go to voicemail to 0 (zero) and it will take tmobile/sprint to go in and change it back to a normal

  2. that the only way to fix this is to get a new number

  3. the last MOTO update is causing this and you will have to factory reset… which you have already done…

yes I read alot…

also just for S&Gs

We ran a test since we have multiple g6 in the family we ran a simple test. We took the sim card out of the affected phone and put a known working one in the phone worked right of the bat with and with out wifi. We then put the original sim (from here it will be called the affected sim) from the affected phone in to a known working phone and the working phone now acted like the affected phone exactly. Then we switched everything back and we were right where we started with incoming cellular calls going to voicemail. So it is safe to assume that the affected sim card is the culprit. We have added this test to our support ticket and are now waiting to see what reply we get from republic.

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Funny yes you do read a lot, I hope that my issue helps people out a lot faster then all the trouble shooting I have had to do. I truly believe it is a faulty sim card since they are like the digital key to your phone and allow you to access the communication features of your phone, this one may have turned left at Albuquerque .

Hi @jeremymbarr,

Did you receive a new SIM card and did it solve the issue?

No the phone just started working a day later, the help ticket was on her account.

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