Inbound WiFi calls on Work/School network are always timed out



Inbound WiFi calls work great on all other networks (or at least, all I’ve tried), except at school. On rare occasion (1/10 inbound calls) the call makes it through. Outbound calls always work. Occasionally, ##8647## solves the problem, but not always.

This is a big university WiFi network, so I’m sure it’s both very complex and very secure. Firewalls, multiple access points within the one building, etc.

If I know a call is coming, I can turn WiFi off and just go the old-fashioned way, but this kind of defeats the purpose.

Any ideas are welcome.


Take a look at this discussion

Is your phone losing its WiFi connection while sleeping?


If the above suggestion doesn’t work, I think I would open a support ticket. Republic Help

My guess is that your school has the necessary ports blocked for inbound calling. As such, Republic still sees your phone as you are connected to their servers by WiFi. When you receive an inbound call, the Republic software is suppose to sense that a WiFi call can not be made, school has the ports blocked, and then sends the call over cellular.

So for all of this to work, you will need a strong cellular signal as you move around the school. If you have a strong cellular signal, then Republic’s support needs to get involved to see what can be done.


My guess is that the problem is with the Android Doze function that saves battery … essentially after a period of time it turns off the WiFi radio. Wake-up methods are provided and implemented by Republic, but it appears that there are cases where the wake up is not effective

Users can see this problem if you leave you phone idle (in a normally good WiFi area) for about an hour … when waking the phone you will see the RW Arc go from OWA (Open White Arc …cell) to SWA (Solid White Arc … WiFi).

Normally in a a Cell/WiFi area you would then receive the call over Cell after Republic determined it couldn’t reach you via WiFi however if in a poor or fringe cell area the call will revert to Voicemail.

Here is a response in the thread that @amitl referenced from on of the Republic staff (the GCM message is the wakeup message)

@seanr Jan 17, 2017 11:54 AM

Our QA team has been following this thread and has done many of the same tests you all have. They did noticed that there are some scenarios where the GCM message is not getting to our app from Android to wake us up. We have a fix for most of those scenarios coming in our next Republic App update. I do not have a date yet but a few weeks sounds about right.


Lets not jump to conclusions. There are many reasons that the phone cannot be reached. It may have zero to do with dose. It may be that the network is not respecting our attempt to keep the network alive. It may be that our keep alive is taking too long to reach the phone before it times out. There are lots of things. If the network closes the 5090 UDP port for inbound traffic then we also can’t call the phone over WiFi.