Incipio DualPro

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I made a post on the Community Forum a couple of weeks ago, asking about a replacement case for my Moto G4. I previously had a Diztronic case(no longer available for the G4?) which I really liked, but the tab to turn the screen off and on broke. I purchased an inexpensive case from eBay which was clear and smugged easily, but the reason I disliked it was that the on/off button for the screen required much more effort than the Diztronic. It was really a nuisance. I was offered an Incipio DualPro case if I’d agree to do an honest review. I have never owned a two-piece case before, so I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with the materials that the two parts were made of. I was concerned that the outer shell might be a cheap, hard plastic, which it is not. The shell is matte, which I really like, and the on/off button is easy to press. The quality of this case is better than any I’ve previously owned, although I was very pleased with the Diztronic and would have bought another, if available. I do think this case is a little heavier than any of the one-piece cases that I’ve owned, but that does not concern me. Putting the two components on the phone was very easy. This case should be the last one that I’ll purchase for the G4. :relaxed:

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