Incoming call gets a busy signal

We have a friend who has been unable to reach my husband for some time. My husband called him today, and he says he gets a busy signal when he calls him. I gave him my number, and he had the same problem calling my phone. Any help?

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What are the brands, models and generations of both yours and your husband’s phones?

Are both yours and your husband’s phone number in the same area code and exchange (do they begin with the same six-digits)? To the best of your knowledge is anyone else having getting a busy signal when calling you?

Yes, our phones do begin with the same 6 numbers. No one else has told us they are having this problem, but if they can’t reach us, how would we know? I have a Moto G power, he has a Moto G 4th gen. I looked through his blocked numbers list, they are not there. They are calling from their home phone, in our local area.

Thank you for the additional context!

If you’re receiving some calls, I think its safe to say the issue is limited.

It’s good to rule that out.

Based on the available facts, I suspect a routing issue. The issue might be on Republic’s end, on the service provider of the person calling’s end or somewhere in between.

The following may very well not work but is worth a try:

If that fails to sort the issue, it would be best to open a ticket with Republic. It would also be appropriate for the other party to the call to raise the issue with their service provider.


As an alternate possibility, perhaps the OP’s number is long distance (or local long distance) to their friends home number (assuming a land line).

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I’ll concede it’s a possibility. If @darlaj would be willing to share the first six digits shared by her’s and her husband’s phone numbers as well as the first six digits of the number calling them, it may be possible to make that determination? For the sake of everyone’s privacy, please do not share the entire telephone numbers involved.

I use to determine whether the call is local. Assuming, of course, the originating caller is using an ILEC land line.

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I tried the reset listed above, and no help. I looked up our numbers, and they are local to each other, and within 12 miles of each other. We can call them without an issue. They just can’t call us. Does this indicate the problem is on their end?

This did not help, thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you, I checked, and we are local to each other.

If you turn off your WiFi (on the phone) and then have one of the failing callers call you, what are the results?

Same issue, no change. I can get calls from others with the same exchange. Is it possible their number has been marked as spam? Maybe it has been spoofed? Is there a place to check that?

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