Incoming Callers Hearing Dead Air, Not Ringing and Not Going to Voicemail

My Moto X bricked so I upgraded to the G7
Paid for annual plan with 1gig of data.

Got new phone and chose to get a new number.

Ever since I have had nothing but frustration.
Tried to call the phone at work to show off my new ringtone and the phone didn’t ring, I was calling from a work landline and it was just dead air, no voicemail, nothing.

For 11 days now when I have no cell service and I’m on or sometimes even off WiFi incoming calls get dead air, no ringing and no voicemail. I have no idea how many calls I have missed.

I have sent a ticket and several replies, jumped through all the hoops and it’s still not working right.

I am very upset that I spent 300 on a phone, prepaid for a year of service and it’s not working.

I also found out I am now on the T-Mobile network not Sprint like before, and I have zero cell service where I work. They are working on a Sprint SIM, but I have no idea how long that’s going to take.

I used to be so happy with Republic and told so many people about it, I’ve been a customer for almost 6 years, but now I am extremely frustrated and I am tired of going back and forth in tickets and resetting this and that and nothing fixes the problem.

It should work properly right out of the box.

I just want this to work the way it should. I hope they really have engineers looking into a fix, because this isn’t working.

What’s the coverage in your area?

I ask because that phone currently only uses the GSM cell partner, where your old phone was CDMA (Sprint). That alone could be an issue. The g7 will eventually be capable of CDMA, but not yet.

Hi @rickyh.h59my7,

Welcome to our Member Community.

The issue you described with calls failing to ring is one our engineers are investigating. It’s a challenging issue, because we are unable to replicate it, and have only three examples. I’m very sorry to read that all of this has been very frustrating to you, as any information you are providing is very important to the investigation, and we appreciate any details you can offer.

We are also still quite diligently working to make a SIM card available that would bring Sprint coverage to your phone. I’m sorry that no one has offered you an idea of when that SIM card will be available. We are all a little hesitant to name a date, because every time we do, something delays it further. The current target date is early September, if there are no further setbacks.

Dave: There is TMobile coverage here, but not as good as Sprint, and it only works outside the building I work in, but even if I have no signal, the calls should go to voicemail and that’s not happening. Nothing happens, the caller hears dead air, no ringing, and no voicemail. If there’s no signal, calls should go to voicemail and they don’t.

South Paw: Thanks for the reply. It’s extremely frustrating. I just spent about $500 plus to get a phone that isn’t working. I have missed dentist appointment confirmations, I have missed calls from family. I don’t understand why the sudden unreliability. I had none of these issues with my Moto X.

@southpaw I have been have having that issue myself with my G7. Been going on for a week maybe two.
If this helps the engineers, this is what I have been experiencing:

  • only happens at home (in airplane mode on home wifi)

  • Phone rings on callers side then goes to VM with no history of the call on my phone.

  • Texts will come through no problem.

  • If I call them back and ask them to call me right back (after a quick hang up), the phone rings normally.

  • Using MacroDroid to waken the screen. It has been working well up till a week or so. :man_shrugging:t3:

What you’re describing is not the same thing. We’ll be glad to investigate it in a ticket or here in Community, but let’s be very careful to keep the issues separate from one another.

The issue @rickyh.h59my7 is describing is different in that the callers hear nothing. They do not hear a “ringing” sound to indicate their call went through, and they never reach voicemail. They dial his number and just hear silence.


Do you by any chance have access to a Google Voice number? I’m wondering what would happen if you set up voicemail forwarding on the phone.

I do have a Google Voice number, I can try it and see if it works

You understand what I mean about voicemail forwarding? It’s done in the RW app.

Yes, I understand what you meant by voicemail forwarding, it was something that they asked me to make sure was not happening early on. I just tried it and it didn’t work, still dead air.

Thanks for trying it. that may give some insight as to where in the process the breakdown is happening. I’ll add a note in your ticket that it was something we tested. Please go ahead disable voicemail forwarding.

Do you mind if I try one call to your number? - Edited to strikeout that request, at least for now, because I am signing off for the night.

Sorry I didn’t see the reply, but yes that would have been an option. Someone did replicate the problem early on. I was away for a bit. I’m at work. Thanks for offering.

Hi @rickyh.h59my7,

I did see the notes that we had been able to call you and hear the same “dead air” in your ticket, and I apologize if it seemed I wanted to just hear it for myself to confirm something that’s clearly a problem; instead I was hoping to test a slightly different routing to see if the issue persisted on that routing. It seems you work very late, so I don’t want to try to call you this morning, but sometime when it’s convenient, it is something I’d like to try.

I mentioned earlier that we have three members experiencing this issue, but in reading their tickets last night, it appears one of them has indicated the problem cleared up (and his symptoms were slightly different anyway, so it may not have been the same issue) and the other one is no longer participating on the ticket.

As far as replicating, we have not been able to replicate the issue on any phone in our lab. This makes it hard for us to collect call samples, trace routing, and study error logs, and I’m very sorry that leaves us to rely on your for some of the investigative dirty-work.

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I’m home now, back to work Monday. I do work late hours. It seems to happen mostly when I am at work, but I haven’t done a lot of playing and testing it while at home because when I am home I have a cell connection and so far haven’t noticed any issues while at home.

I will let you know when it’s happening again so you can call, but that might not be until I get back to work Monday 8/19.

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Hi @rickyh.h59my7,

For the sake of some Community housekeeping, I just wanted to follow up here to see if you had any reason to want to keep troubleshooting in Community?

I believe our technicians were getting some sample calls with you to troubleshoot in your ticket, and you and I have DM’d to get you set up with a loaner phone (thanks to a very gracious Ambassador) so you’ll have service until the CDMA SIM card is available for the G7 phones.

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No, I no longer need to troubleshoot here in the community, thanks for your continued help with this.


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