Incoming Callers Receive Message "Not authorized to make calls to this phone number"

Phone: Moto G4

Plan: 1GB data + talk & text

Issue: Incoming callers occasionally receive a message stating “Your account is not authorized to make calls to this phone number…” This seems to occur when my cell signal is minimal and/or roaming. This issued just started occurring within the last week or so.

Hi @michaelg.8ukkq8,

Is this happening to multiple callers or just one?

If multiple people, do they have anything in common - for instance, do they have the same carrier or are they calling from the same area code and exchange?

It is happening to multiple callers…cell, land line, and from multiple area codes. I cannot find anything in common among the callers.

Intermittent issues are the hardest to figure out, sometimes…

Have you noticed whether you can reliably get this to happen if the phone is simply turned off?

I don’t think this will be something that our Community can help you solve. If you haven’t done so yet, could you please open a help ticket so our technicians can look into the matter? They’ll need some recent example calls that failed to reach you, which may prove difficult to provide, unless you have a willing tester who can tell you the date and time of any calls that got that message in the last day or so.

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Thanks. Hadn’t thought about turning the phone off. Turned phone off and called it from my office phone and received the “not authorized” message. Waited 30 seconds and called my cell phone again from my office phone; this time it rang and went to voicemail. I’ll collect more data and submit a ticket if it continues.


Would it be possible to add on this issue? Is there a ticket number established yet?

I had this issue come up twice on both the calling side and receiving side.

The first occurrence happened with my mother’s phone (RW line) last Friday. People were trying to call her but everyone kept getting the “Your account is not authorized to make calls to this phone number. if you want additional…” line. Eventually, she got back home (on a WiFi network) and people were able to start calling her again.

The second time just happened now. I was trying to call my dad who has a phone not on RW. I kept redialing and getting the message. My phone was connected to WiFi and established the call on WiFi. I then redialed and let the message keep going and sure enough at the end of the message, he picked up the phone and was on the line.

So I guess my initial take on this is to wait for the entire message to play out and see if the phone call goes through?

Hi @rhilb11,

We are investigating this issue in Master Ticket 1646792. Any details you can provide to aid in that investigation will be appreciated.

Edited to add: When you open your own Help Ticket and describe the issue, providing recent call examples and asking that it be investigated as part of master ticket 1646792 will help our investigation.

I am having this issue also. we have 2 RW phones and yesterday when one tried to call the other the caller received this message. Today I found out that a doctors office tried to return my call and they report receiving the message also.

only thing in common is the timing. both of those calls happened on April 29th between 4 and 6 pm CST

is “Master Ticket 1646792” publicly visible anywhere? if so can you provide a link to it?

That’s not the way Master Tickets work. It is a ticket that other tickets are attached to in the Republic system. You’ll want to open your own ticket and mention the Master Ticket number in your request so that your issue can be worked by the team trying to solve this.

Same problem here. Filed RW ticket today #1649065. I made several outgoing calls (4) to my wife today starting at 11:40 a.m. EST. Also other family members and callers are getting the call block message to our numbers. This is strange though as this problem has started sporadically around a week ago, roughly about the time I received an email from RW stating this:

Hi Andy,

Your Republic Wireless account has been updated. To view these changes, please visit My Account.

We’re always here to help, so if you have any questions, please visit Republic Help by clicking the button below, or simply reply to this email."

I did not make any account changes during the last week, so this problem appears to be centered at RW since this email came from RW? This needs to be resolved ASAP as my wife and I are job hunting and missing calls from recruiters is not acceptable. The message we get (inbound & outbound states that we are “not authorized to make calls to the number dialed and to call customer service (no number is given, then message is repeated in Spanish.” If you wait a few seconds then the standard RW voicemail message pops in. Sounds like someone or something has de-prioritized incoming and outgoing calls. What was the RW update that this email referenced? Need help quick please! Thanks!

Hi @madiera,

Do you have the timestamp for that E-mail? I think it’s coincidental, but am glad to provide that additional detail in the master ticket.

I’d be very interested to know if anyone else in this topic received that E-mail.

Hi Southpaw,

Here are all the messaging details. This hopefully will get everyone with this specific issue to check their emails to see if there is a common thread to link this all together (maybe?)

from: Republic Wireless
reply-to: Republic Wireless
to: redacted
date: Apr 24, 2018, 10:56 AM
subject: Your Republic account has been updated.
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more
: Important according to Google magic.

Hope this helps!

Hi Again Southpaw,
Just got an email from Ryan D. at Republic Help, and this is what he said:
Hi Andy,

I am sorry to hear that your phones are having some issue with incoming calls. I made a change on our end that should resolve the issue for you. Please reboot your phone and let us know if the issue has been resolved.

Thank you,

Hi @madiera,

Yes, there is a process our agents can do that seems to solve the issue (though, since it’s an intermittent issue, that’s not entirely certain) but doesn’t quite help us understand what caused the issue or what solution might be needed to prevent additional cases.

Hopefully it’s just a small sampling of phones that were affected. My wife and I “rebooted” our phones which I would assume means to turn the phone off and on. We will continue to monitor as calls are processed, although I am curious what sort of “update” was done by RW that seems to have been corrected by the RW tech?

Submitted ticket # 1647797 on 29 Apr. Appears issue has been sent to “routing engineers” with no resolution as of this date. This is getting frustrating. My background number (Sprint) appears to work with no issues, so I’m instructing people to use it temporarily until my RW phone number gets fixed.

Alright, I created a new Ticket then Request #1649955

though if many people are having this same issue it seems odd that the fix is applied one person at a time…

Hi @karene.ea8t99,

We’re working with a carrier partner to determine the underlying issue and an across-the-board solution, but in the meantime agents are trying some workarounds in the hope the situation will be better for affected members without making them keep waiting.

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@michaelg.8ukkq8, @rhilb11, @karene.ea8t99, @madiera

One of the service providers we partner with has made a change and we are hopeful this will solve the issue. Please let us know if the issue continues after the timestamp of this post.


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