Incoming calls add country code, causing caller ID to fail on third-party device (Moto G5 Plus)


My Moto G5 Plus is great. But I’m having an issue with the way incoming call numbers are received/displayed. Incoming calls (all originating in the US to my US number) are being displayed in one of three formats:

-With a regular 10-digit local number [xxx-123-4567]
-With the country code [1xxx1234567]
-or with the country code including a ‘+’ sign [+1xxx1234567]

I don’t know what factors decide which format the phone is going to receive/list the call. All my contacts are stored without the country code or ‘+’ sign, but my phone’s caller ID works regardless of how the call is received. Great! HOWEVER, my car’s Bluetooth phone settings require I add my contacts to its phonebook in order to enable speed dialing and caller ID, and incoming calls that arrive in a format that includes the country code and/or the ‘+’ sign result in the car audio system showing an unknow caller, even as the phone correctly identifies the caller.

I know there are apps to add the country code to all my contacts, but because of the unpredictable way the number will be received, it seems the only way to ensure my car’s caller ID will work is if I create three separate entries per contact number for each number. I don’t want to do that. I did change all my contacts to include the “+ 1” using an Add Country Code app (which resulted in me discovering the car no longer recognized numbers that came through as local with no country code). I tried using Prefixer with no results.

What determines the format of how an incoming call’s number is displayed? Does anyone have any ideas how to make my Moto G5 Plus either always force OR always ignore the country code on incoming calls?


I was not able to find anything

you would need to intercept the incoming call, strip off the number
reformat that number to the correct format
then pass it to the contacts
then display as a caller id screen/ info

or you could just add all formats to each contact as
number 1
number 2
number 3

it will check against each of the numbers listed in the contact


or you could just add all formats to each contact
…which is exactly what I stated I do NOT want to have to do with my +300 existing contacts and any future contact I add. Thanks anyway.


Hi @lm.c4t6vg,

Have you ever tried to determine whether the problem is limited to specific contacts or affects all of them?

For instance, if Contact1 calls you 10 times, do you always see the same consistent format for Contact 1, or might you see 10 digits one time, and the extended number another?


My call logs confirms that it’s happening across the board, and not just specific contacts. (For what it’s worth, all the contacts are 865 area code, but are calling from across the country.) See attached screenshots of log, showing three different contacts incoming with/without the “+” format, sometimes on the same day.


Caller IDs are one of the pieces of information that are passed from carier to carrier when a call is placed. Carriers can have different caller ID formatting and, as calls may traverse through several networks, the information may be altered along the way.

IOW, depending through which network, and the version of that network software/hardware
it can be reformatted any number of times… you screen shot shows, what I am assuming to be calls from the same person with different formats… So you don’t have a lot of control over what version/format gets to you…

and you said you did not want to go in and add all version to your contact list…

so, unless you can find someone on line that can program android apps and create you one to do a reformat or learn to do it yourself or
export your contacts to a .csv file, import to something like excell, go in and add all formats, save, export out of excell to a .csv file, and reimport back to google contacts…
…or just do a few each day…
but you don’t want to add all formats to each contact

sorry what can I say. this is just something that the carriers will have to get their ducks in a roll to get it fixed… without any work-a-round from you…


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