Incoming calls always drop over WiFi

At some point a few months ago, my phone (Moto X 2nd gen, fully up-to-date) started dropping all incoming WiFi calls at work. Basically, when I swipe right to answer on the incoming call screen, it hangs for ~3 seconds, and then hangs up and says “Call ended.” Since I work for a major public university in a building that has its WiFi network managed by IT, I suspect it has something to do with ports/another setting I can’t access. When I’m on other WiFi networks (at home, at stores, etc.), I have no problem answering calls.

For lack of a better solution, I’ve decided to use a firewall app to block WiFi calling when I’m at work. I used this approach about a year ago when I was having other issues, but eventually stopped using it when most of the problems had been fixed.

Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks for your help!

Hi @mattr.nv7d3h ,

I’m sorry your question has gone unanswered for a while.

It sounds like a handover issue on that particular WiFi network.

Take a look at the handover settings in your Republic Wireless App

See here for suggestions to optimize your handover settings

Let us know if you see any improvement using those setting options.

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