Incoming Calls Keep Ringing And Won't Go To Voice Mail


I have a First Generation Moto X that up until yesterday would go to Voicemail after about four rings on incoming calls that I didn’t want to answer. Now the phone just rings incessantly and won’t go to Voicemail…any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks!


Does this happen only on WiFi? Is the caller going to voicemail but your phone continues to ring? Is it on all calls?

I also moved this to #problems since this is not really a question but like an issue requiring troubleshooting.


It’s happening on both Wi-Fi and network service. The people calling me say that it just keeps ringing and never goes to voicemail, so they hang up. When I get my phone out to make a call or whatever, it’s showing an incoming call from whomever. But when I answer, there’s no one there…strange!


Correction: I just called my mobile phone from my landline…it rang about four or five times and went to voicemail, but my cell phone kept ringing until I hit “dismiss call”. Then my cell phone did not display “Missed Call”… weird!


Hi @ scotts.0a2fbf
Is your Republic app & Republic Telephony app all updated? If yes you can delete the updates, Reboot the phone, then update both apps from the playstore.
Sometimes the apps get corrupted or missed a step. Re-updating them with a fresh update sometime fixes little glitches.


Other more general troubleshooting step are to Clear the cache to reset some of the temporary memory of the phone. This shouldn’t affect your data such as photos. .

If you have the time, one more involved option is to reset the phone back to original. This would erase anything on the phone but would also normally reset any weird issues that the phone is facing. (be sure to back up your data first)


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