Incoming Calls locks phone

Recently my phone locks up when I receive a call. I can’t get past the initial screen without ending the call before answering. Help!

If you posted which phone you are experiencing the problem on , perhaps someone has been down the same rocky road before you and could share the fix with you

The model: Moto X (2nd Gen) Android version 5.1


Hi @beverlyt.thwhfw,
I no longer have an X2 to test, but considering the age of the product you should consider a general clean up of the device

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Hello jben!
I went through both suggestions for cleaning up the device. Before (and after) implementing the cleaning, the internal storage shows 4.39gb available.

The phone seems to run faster now. We’ll see when I receive an incoming call if this cleared up the locking screen situation. If not, I’ll try to boot up in Safe Mode.

Sometimes I do miss the simplicity of land lines!

Thank you for the help!

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