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Moti e4. I just got this ohone a sort the ago.twice today when I’ve got a call I pick up and the screen is dark how do I answer a call? If I turn the power on the call disconnects.

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  • Phones have sensors to turn off the screen when you hand (or a cover is over them) check to make sure that’s not the problem
  • Adjust screen timeout Settings :settingsicon: found in App drawer :appsicon: then Display
  • Settings/Accessibility make sure that '“Power button ends call” is not turned on

i have it set to sleep in 2 minutes. and the power button ends calls is turned off. i don’t know if i did something but now when someone calls it lights up and i can answer it but it doesn’t make any sounds. when i try to change the ring or text notification sound its quiet.

i have it sorted out. thanks. i booted. earlier i uninstalled the default phone app and tried exdialer that could have screweled things up. back to normal isn’t life grea aarrgggg!!!

On all the Moto devices you can find Moto Help :motohelp: … it can be found in the :appsicon: Thee are some real good help sections that can help you in the early life of getting used to a ‘smart phone’. (coming from a flip phone, I would have been lost without it on my 1st smartphone)

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