Incoming calls often go directly to voicemail, no ring tone. Volume is turned up


incoming calls ofte


Does this happen on cellular or WiFi or both?

I would recommend going through the troubleshooting steps in this document

Make and Receive a Phone Call

Also try to reboot in

Safe Mode

and see if you get better results.


The reason that @amitl asked for clarification on “cellular or WiFi or both” is because normal process for a call to your phone is:

  • 1st try WiFi … if not connected or quality of connection is too poor to support a call it will then try Cell. If that doesn’t work it will go to Voicemail
    Perhaps you have both in a ‘marginal’ condition?

  • A quick check using an app like Network Cell Info Lite - Android Apps on Google Play can help point to problem areas

    • Provide a screenshot of the gauge view for feedback from the community
  • Check Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network for some things you can do in the WiFi area


Isn’t there an easier way to figure out why this is happening?


I have no idea which phone you have, which of the two carriers that Republic uses that you are having the problem with or if it is just your WiFi that is failing.
So if you can provide a bit more info (as requested > year ago, I would think the community can help you

  1. Moto G.

    1. Didn’t know Republic used anybody besides Sprint.

    2. Noticed the problem while at home and at work while on WiFi.


Which Moto G? The 1st gen model?
The Moto G1 and G3 are used on the old 2.0 Refund plans. Sprint CDMA.
The newer 3.0 supported phones, use the My Choice Plan and primarily the Tmobile GSM.


That’s a bit more help, but still need the specific model of ‘G’ … now is sounds that you are now saying it fails on WiFi?

  • If so, does the failure occur after the phone has been idle for 60 mins or more (only important if you are on 3.0 G4 and up

I believe it is Generation 1, old plan. I think I’ve been on WiFi whenever this has happened.


Ok, that rules out a couple of problems, including the going to sleep problem.
If the ‘failures’ are the same on both work and home WiFi, then I would guess either the G1 has aged out or it may just be clogged up with residual artifacts that have accumulated from failed processes over the ages … I would suggest the following:

  • Clear Cache … do both System and App
    • Test or use until another failure or your satisfied that it helped.
  • Boot up in Safe Mode if still having problems, this will prevent 3rd party apps from being loaded
    • If this stops the failing then, you need to start removing apps until you have found the bad one

I cleared the caches, will see if that makes a difference, thanks!

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This is an issue that I am quite familiar with. I was a Republic user for 5 years, recently switched to Mint. My wife is still on RW. I had calls go to voicemail on RW occasionally, both on my Moto X1 on Sprint and Moto G5+ on TMobile. With Mint, guess what? Still happening at times (on cell with strong signal). It has not happened to my wife. She is now on the G5+.

Mint support says they are seeing this more on Moto phones, especially G5 series but there are complaints from other phone users as well. They say they are continuing to try to troubleshoot. So it is a broad and hard to track down problem.

That said, Geoffrey, it would help if you would give a lot more info such as whether it always happens or just intermittently. Take the time to describe it in as much detail as you can think of.

In my opinion, no one has found a solution that works for everybody but it is worth trying the steps that are suggested. I do think it has to do with the phone not responding before a call is identified as missed. Many factors may contribute.

I’ll post here if Mint comes up with any answers. I’m still a supporter of RW and may come back at some point, thought people would be interested that I am experiencing this.

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