Incoming & Outgoing Calls to My Phone Result in Busy Signal

What phone do you have?

I have a Moto G4 plus.

What plan are you on?

I am on the My Choice + 3 GB plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

It does include data.

Issue Description

I have been trying to make phone calls today and received a busy signal on all of them–to RW clients or outside numbers. My wife can call just fine on her phone, so it is not a locally spread issue.

I have tried to update the RW app, but it is fully updated.

I have followed the steps here with no effect: Outgoing Cell Calls Experience a Busy Signal – Republic Help

I have followed the steps here with no effect: Make and Receive a Phone Call – Republic Help

Thank you for your assistance.

I may be related to the reported issue today.
There System Announcement on the top of the page.
R.W. is working on the issue
Once they update to say its fixed, and u still have an issue, then report back.

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