Incoming sound?

Galaxy S8 incoming calls sound is EXTREMELY low, only way to talk is through a headset. Caller can hear me fine but if I am not using a headset then I can barely hear them. I have did a factory reset and still nothing. PLEASE HELP

Questions for you

  • Is this phone in a case?
    • If so, check to ensure that the sound ports fits properly and are not blocked
  • Does this occur on WiFi, Cell or both?
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I took the phone out of the case because I thought that was the problem
On wifi and cell data

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Hi @kianaj2020,

Did the problem begin after the phone had previously been working correctly?

When you factory reset the phone, did you then test the phone with no third-party apps installed, and disallow the phone from restoring apps and configurations from a backup?

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I did not make a call with no apps installed, I’m going to try that again and see if that helps or at least tells
me if it’s an app problem

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