Incoming spam call spoofs as contact

The forums show Q&A about your own number being used by spoofers to spam others. I had the opposite problem today: A spam caller showed as an incoming call from my husband - who was sitting next to me and definitely NOT calling me right that moment! I took a screenshot showing his contact name and number, then picked up to see who it was (“your credit card history blabla”). I tried talking to the rep, but due to their strong accent and following script of course didn’t find out who was behind it. Usually I take spam callers’ number and assign them to a contact labeled SPAM so I can block them next time, but with this one spoofing a personal contact of mine, I can’t do that.
Two questions for RW:

  1. Any way to find out what actual number was behind it? (I have the exact time in my “recent calls” and the screenshot)
  2. What other data of mine might they have hacked into if they found out that this was a frequently-called number among my contacts?

To answer your questions quickly:

  1. Nope.
  2. This likely has nothing to do with hacking. Assuming that your husband’s number is from the same region you are, they likely just got lucky. I get about 15 spam calls a week on my non-Republic phone. They all come from local numbers. Occasionally, they get lucky and hit a number that’s in my contacts. This is likely what happened to you. If the number was purposely used, it likely has nothing at all to do with your phone or contacts but rather from one of the million personal information leaks that have happened with everyone from Panera to Equifax to Home Depot to Target (and everything else in between).

Actually, mentioning the leaked information, all the different leaks means that spammers is able to use it as a list of valid phone numbers to spoof rather than a random number spam systems may already have flagged.


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