Incompatible SIM-Moto G6 activation with CDMA SIM from MOTO X

What phone do you have? G6

What plan are you on? CELL, TEXT + 1GB DATA

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? BOTH

Issue Description

MOTO X PURE EDITION WI-FI intermittent. Bought Moto G6 XT1925-6 from Amazon as they were out of stock from RW. Upon activation got error INCOMPATABLE SIM. Went and searched troubled shooting problem.

Opened help ticket #1406146 gave all info on phone ID and sim as was stated in directions.
24 hrs later no help so off to the forums I go.

The solution to moving a CDMA SIM to a previously unactivated phone requires support to send you a GSM SIM to activate in that phone, and then have you move the CDMA SIM (if the same type of CDMA SIM). In this case, the Moto X Pure uses something called a CSIM, while the G6 uses something called an ISIM. So, that means that TWO new SIM cards need to be sent to you.

Is your old phone no longer working?

Wi-Fi died have other phones.

I’ll ask support to please take a look at your ticket.

My wife thanks you for the replies, her phone was the one that died. Handling withdrawals better than I thought.

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Support told me to order Sim activation kit. Ordered & Paid $9+ but had no provisions to get the phone to CDMA. Am I going to get a chip that works???

Hi @moose26,

I will take a look at your ticket to get this squared away.

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Received sim kit. went through activation screens, sign in choose phone # etc. activating screen came up takes less than hour received email saying activated at 1:36PM But phone still not activated. Wife had old phone on at that time, off now HELP

Hi @moose26,

What happens if you reboot the phone?

On/OFF nothing different

Thanks for trying that. I’ve let our technicians know you are awaiting their attention in your ticket.

KAYCEE Thank you for the great fix. Southpaw & Louisdi Thanks for the assist.


You may want to give Kudo’s here.

Can you share if you were asked to do something on the phone to resolve the issue or if it was something on the Republic end?

Hi @louisdi,

A manual fix server-side was required and Kaycee handled it with great skill.

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