Incorrect pin when not entered by me

Today in the middle of the night, my phone alarm went off when I hadn’t set it (it was like 2:26am). When I picked up my phone to turn the alarm off, it had a message on it that my pin had been wrong five times and I needed to wait fifteen (or something, I was half asleep so I don’t remember the exact time) seconds before trying again.
But I was asleep. I didn’t enter my pin onto my phone. It was sitting next to my bed undisturbed by anyone.
Now I know approximately 2% about what there is to know about phones, but I’m worried that perhaps my phone had been remotely accessed? Is that possible? That someone basically hacked my phone and was trying to gain access to it but didn’t know my pin?
Like I mentioned, I was half asleep, so my first thought was to enter the correct pin. I realized this may have been a mistake after the fact and shut down my phone for a few minutes.
I’m super bothered by it now. Any answers and help would be appreciated!

Hi @brianah,

I would rest easy. It’s not nearly as easy as some think to hack an Android phone and, generally, not worth someone’s effort unless one is a celebrity or a politician. In other words, unless someone had a reason to target you personally.

As I wasn’t there, I’m unable to explain last night’s events. If it were me, I’d simply monitor my phone for further unusual activity (which I doubt you’ll find happening). As a further precaution, you might consider changing the passwords for your Republic and Google accounts.


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