Increasing bad service, dropped calls, poor reception

Phones: Samsung S9 & S9+

Republic My Choice 2GB
plan includes data, talk & text

Let me just say, that I have had Republic Wireless for the last few years, and only occasionally had issues with making or receiving calls, I have been for the most part very satisfied.
About three or four months ago I added my girlfriend to my plan, everything was perfect at first and she was very pleased with the service over her previous carrier. We rarely had any issues with reception or our calls connecting. And learned those few areas where we knew we would have call issues.
She is in Bovey/ Grand Rapids Minnesota with a Samsung Galaxy S9
I’m in Placerville/ Folsom California with a Samsung Galaxy S9+

Our reception and call connections seem to be just getting worse. Calls suddenly drop, or are garbled. Sometimes calls go straight to voice mail when we have full WiFi or LTE bars. Areas we previously had good or fair reception are now spotty.

Id love to know what else we can do besides what we have already done… Made sure we had latest updates, and rebooted phones. Coverage map for both of us, says we should have Fair to excellent coverage.
Issues seem to be on both WiFi and Cell. But its worse with Cell.

Hi @DJLB78 and welcome to the Community!

Please try the following on both phones:

Please share if the SIMs are GSM or CDMA?

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Hi @DJLB78,

It’s been a little over a week since we’ve heard from you. Did you want to try to troubleshoot the issues you described in our Member Community?

When I look at coverage in the Bovey area on our partners’ coverage maps it does not look very good, but it is possible a replacement SIM card could improve the situation. Would you like to look into giving that a try?

What carrier was your girlfriend with before she switched to Republic?

Hi thank you for checking in on me. We ended up both rebooting our phones again, have had way less issues since then. I’m curious though, if the SIM could be a culprit for such issues. Its not that old, maybe last April…for her phone. mine is older.
She was previously with Straight Talk.

Hi @DJLB78,

It’s not the age of the SIM card that matters, but the cellular network it uses. We are able to provide SIM cards for many phones for either T-Mobile or Sprint’s network. It looked to me like your girlfriend’s coverage might be better on Sprint’s network. This is why @rolandh was asking you whether the phones were currently using GSM or CDMA SIM cards - to evaluate any coverage options.

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