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How can I set up my account to let everyone in my family purchase more data, rather than going through me? Am I missing a setting?

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Hi @jamess.d37755,

By design, only the account owner can make purchases. You are not missing a setting.

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Thanks! Wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

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There is a potential workaround but be warned that it allows data to be bought with only two taps so you should only enable it on phones that you are sure will use this option responsibly.

On each phone that you want to allow the user to buy one-time data on their own.

  1. Open the Republic Wireless App
  2. Tap on “Add 1GB of data now”
  3. Enter your account owner credentials
  4. Tap “CANCEL” on the confirmation pop-up if that phone doesn’t need more data rightaway
  5. Going forward the user can buy one-time data in 1GB chunks by tapping on “Add 1GB of data now” and then tapping on “CONFIRM PURCHASE” in the resulting pop-up.

You may want to refer to the “Adding One Time Data” section in this article

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