Indianapolis, IN, Republic Wireless is coming for a visit!

Y’all may have read a while back about our youth soccer partnership with CASL (Capital Area Soccer League here in Raleigh) and US Club Soccer. Throughout the season, we’ve been attending tournaments and bringing some Republic-branded excitement to the sidelines.

Next weekend (July 22 and 23) Republic Wireless will be at the US Club Soccer 2017 National Cup in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’ll be hosting a photo booth for souvenir photos, giving away some fun, game-day swag, enjoying the games, and spreading the word about our phones and service.

And believe it or not, they’re letting me go along! :southpawpoms:

If you’re in the Indianapolis area, it would be great to get to meet you. Please come by the tournament (Grand Park, Westfield, IN) and say hello, or if you can’t make it there, I’d love to meet some members for dinner Saturday night. If you have a family member playing in the tournament, be sure to let me know, that, too, so I can cheer for right team!


Come see us in Indy!

Photo booth with Premier Party Rentals


Your close but not close enough to make a day trip out of, maybe on one of your future travel our paths will cross close enough to make a meeting happen

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