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Hello, sorry if this has been discussed already somewhere…but couldn’t find any post about it. Often when I send a text to someone or reply to someone’s text, it has been turning into a group text, adding my number…so that my text gets duplicated. This means I receive my text (which I just sent) and they also receive it again as well. I hope this makes sense. Can anyone offer any guidance on how to resolve this issue?

Could you provide some more information, such as what phone you have and what texting app you are using?

The only “approved” apps are Google Messages or Republic Anywhere.

Some information on duplicate text messages and group messaging are in this help article:


Thank you for your reply. I have a Moto G5 Plus…just got it a couple of months ago, and it started adding my number whenever I reply to a text or receive someone’s reply to my text since the beginning, I believe. I use the default texting app, Android messages.

I have a moto e4 with the same problem. My fix was to go to settings in the texting app and went to advanced and I turned off the first 4 slides to the off position. I deleted the message with the group messages. I re-messaged and it worked fine. It was like sending a cc to yourself in email. Hope this works for you.


Thank you so much!! It worked!! =)

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