Inexpensive Wireless Adapter for Extend Home

I bought one of these for a Sony TV, It works very well with my Extend Home adapter too.

Very easy to set this up:

  1. Plug it into any powered USB port. It will generate a WiFi hot spot called EDUP_26B4.
  2. Log your cell phone into that hot spot.
  3. From Chrome (on cell phone) go to
  4. Choose one of your home WiFi (2.4 Only)

It comes with a network cable to connect it to your Extend Home device.


Excellent solution for those who want/need the Extend Home adapter somewhere other than the closet their router is in and are unable run an Ethernet cable.

  • Here is a doctored up graphic to show what could work for the install (afik the Extend Home does not have an USB port)
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