Information About Android P Developer Preview



We know that many of you are eagerly awaiting the next version of Android, currently dubbed Android P. It’s always exciting to be an early adopter, but that doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges.

Android P is currently in its 2nd developer preview phase. This phase of an operating system’s development is partially designed to allow developers to get an inside look at what’s coming, and to ensure that their apps and services will work properly once the official version is released.

Like other developer builds/unofficial Android versions of the past, Android P is not officially supported by Republic Wireless and may cause issues if you attempt to use it, in its current state, with our service. We are diligently working to ensure that our service works seamlessly once Android P is officially released later this fall, just as we’ve done with previous versions. We do not recommend installing Android P until it is officially released, and will not be able to help troubleshoot any issues you have if you choose to do so.


So very not fair, here I set with my phone only on ‘N’, while some can start trying ‘P’ … I want so much to be on the bleeding edge leading edge :sob:


Haveing the latest and greatest…isn’t always the most enjoyable.

I have a Pixel, so I get OS updates and Security updates as soon as Google releases them. Long before any other OEM brand device gets them.

I have had 3rd party apps suddenly have issue, even break, after one of these updates. Then its a bug report and a unknown wait until the app dev fixes it and updates the app. (assuming the app is even being worked on anymore).


I tried to put an appropriate emoji at the end … but Discourse was not being helpful at the time :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


Has anyone tried the latest preview with republic’s app? Does it work?


I jumped into android p before thinking about the consequences. I cant make outgoing calls anymore – incoming still works fine. Not sure if there is a fix, but (unfortunately) i might be wiping my phone and returning to N in the near future.


are you getting any error messages or does it just not work? Is the republic app installed?


I have the republic app installed. When I try to make a call, the call screen from the phone app comes up and it instantly says “call ended”. If I keep trying to make a call, the republic app eventually crashes-- I get an alert that says “republic wireless keeps stopping”.


Who wants to do the incompatibility dance with me?


It looks like Android P works with republic now as long as you fully activate your phone within the republic app while on Android 8 first.


I’d remind you of this.


Fair point.

I’ve been a RW member since the Defy XT beta days, so I’m fine with things being broken.

Just want to say that the attitude of “it’s not supported” is disappointingly so far removed from where RW started: cutting edge tech improved by user feedback.


I find it impossible to see it that way. Republic started with one phone. Then they moved to a different phone, but still one phone. They they moved to still having that phone, but adding one more phone. For YEARS. Now Republic adds phones regularly. Supports new versions of Android nearly the moment they’re in General Availability, and somehow that’s far removed from one phone on one version of Android, locked to Republic? So, now reading that, I take it back, I agree, Republic is MUCH more user friendly and flexible now.


What’s so bad about it’s not supported? I don’t take it’s not supported to mean won’t work just that if I choose to run a developer preview (polite way of saying beta) some things may not work and I’m on my own if they don’t.

I’m not currently running Android P but I am running Apple’s iOS public beta on an iPad. Apple (a much larger company than Republic) doesn’t promise everything will work as intended or that they’ll fix something prior to release if it doesn’t. If necessary, I’m prepared to wipe that iPad and restore a generally available release. You seem like someone prepared to do that in this instance if necessary.

Bottom line, I doubt (but do not know) Republic objects to one running pre-release versions of Android P. I take not supported as a caution that one make an informed choice about the potential consequences of doing so and a reminder to be prepared to deal with those consequences themselves. To me, if one isn’t prepared to do so, one shouldn’t being running pre-release software of any kind on any device.


Ok… that made me laugh! Well played.

Actually, this has always been RW’s stance, no shift at all. Here’s a 2012 blog in the same spirit, courtesy of the Wayback machine.


I was laughing and going to quote the same’’

:grinning: (that’s gonna be classic @davidmurdoch),


I have to admit, when I read this, I had to log in, and state that it made me laugh!
I love RW, but in the “early” days of the Optimus “S” and Defy XT, we all did a little beta testing!
Thanks David!


I’m not suggesting RW isn’t doing tons of great stuff. I was just saying that it’d be nice to see a “feel free to try us on Android P and let us know if you experience any hiccups” attitude alongside the “it’s not supported - don’t bother us about it.” feeling I got. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I think RW not encouraging rooting is quite a bit different than not encouraging trying it on beta builds of Android.