Initial Republic Anywhere Feedback

I’ve installed Anywhere on Windows 7 without issue (Love it!!), but on my Samsung 7S Edge is completely unstable (Android keeps shutting it down) and it slows my phone. Is anyone else seeing this?

“Works with any device”…so long as that device is a Windows computer.

Is there no shame in the advertising department? :slight_smile:

Well, macOS is supported as well. :grinning:




Well the fine print for other android device is not exactly highlighted, but it is there. In this case an android tablet could be any non-Republic phone. I am in the beta and have been trying almost every release, but so far no luck working YET on my tablet.

Google Play - Republic Anywhere (beta)

*iOS and Android tablet support coming soon. Check minimum system requirements:

Mac was supported in the initial launch.

Linux is now in beta for anyone to try:


The Linux version has been posted. It’s in beta for anyone to try:

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Using Republic Anywhere on Windows 10 and on Moto G (1st gen).

My comments (so far) :

On the PC, there’s no way to see archived conversations. I found this out after I archived a whole bunch of conversations, then realized they had just vanished. I can see them on the phone, and unarchive them there (and they show up again on the PC). But I really wish the entire calling history would be visible on the PC.

  1. On the PC, I wish you could click on a person’s icon and see their complete contact info, like you can on the phone.

  2. For that matter, I wish you could click on a person’s icon and start a voice or video call… like Apple facetime.

We HAD a place during the Beta for Anywhere and now it’s gone and topics are scattered all over…

You also still have beta testing going on so why did the forum disappear??

Posting the same thing in multiple places is bad form.

Anywhere is now released. Only the Linux client released today is beta. So it is supported just like any other product. You don’t see a different forum for messaging, or calling or the Moto X Pure. Questions go in the place they go and then get tagged. You can see RWA related posts here: Topics tagged rw_anywhere

There should be a separate area for it being a brand new feature. The fact that folks have to be pointed to other posts means there should be an area for that so we don’t have to dig for it. Tags are tags, not an area.

Again, you could make that argument for every Republic product. There isn’t a messaging area, or calling area or area, a Republic 1.0 area, or an area for Moto X Pure questions. That’s not the way Republic has chosen to organize the forums.

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And I’m saying I believe it should. Why shouldn’t there be a “messaging” area? If the forum is suppose to be a support tool then tools should mirror usage where possible.

RW shouldn’t be saying ANY device when it’s some devices. It doesn’t say anything about many tested devices or continuing support for devices under the asterick. It just says Tablet and iOS devices coming. That sounds like a marketing gimmick of one of the big companies.

At the least, tablet support should have been available. My phone and tablet are kept in opposite ends of the house. I see any device and go “Yea! I can now check/send msgs from my tablet without having to go back to my phone.” I keep my phone at my desk and my tablet in the bedroom. That’s the primary areas I use them.

Tablet support was never even part of the tests. How can beta testing be ended if an important feature has never been tested??

Republic loves feedback, I’m sure they’ll give it consideration along with all the other feedback they get and the respect it is due.

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Beta testing hasn’t ended merely because Anywhere has been released in its’ first iteration. Those of us in the beta are still on the beta release channel and will see iOS and Android tablet support before those are generally available as well.

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And I would like to see my Galaxy Note 8 tablet be supported too.

On Windows 10 I get the following message when I try to execute the installation exe:
“This app can’t run on your PC
To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher”

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Thank you to everyone who has posted in this thread providing some early feedback. I’m going to lock it since it has such a wide scope.

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