Initial Setup of OnePlus 7T

Today I had the privilege of being the first to participate in the new Early Adopter OnePlus 7T Beta.
I had purchased the 7T several weeks prior (because it was on sale and would soon be out of stock) in anticipation that it would be compatible with RW. I was already using the OnePlus 6T with RW and since the OS is virtually the same on both phones, I was relatively confident things would work out. In the meantime, I approached RW with the request that, if possible, I would like to participate in some sort of Beta trial with my 7T. I sensed that RW was somewhat like me, ready to try NEW things. In a relatively short time the Early Adopter OnePlus 7T Beta Program was born. I especially want to think @john.barbacci, @southpaw, some unknown engineer for making this happen.
In anticipation of the actual activation, I used the SIM from my OnePlus 6T, installed it in the 7T, and downloaded and installed the RW app. @southpaw coordinated things between me and the engineer who had to add some coding to account for the OS in the 7T. Once the engineer opened the RW system to receive my 7T, I went through the normal activation process. BOOM, in a flash, the activation process proceeded to a successful conclusion. I made several phone calls to prove the system and things went smoothly. I plan to thoroughly run the phone through a testing phase during the next couple of weeks to see if we have any hidden bugs. With RW engineering set to perform, I don’t anticipate any problem we can’t overcome.
Once again, I would like to think RW for rising to the challenge.


You are very welcome. I enjoyed the challenge.

  • Some Unknown Engineer (SUE) :slight_smile:

SUE, how do you do?


Mostly with keyboard and mouse.


I guess I’m no longer SUE but SKE now. That was short lived.

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Seriously, you don’t think many of us will ever un-see image as SUE?

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